Projet Cirrus: Custom Clouds

7 May 2018

Projet Cirrus has recently undergone a makeover, with a completely redesigned website that better reflects our focus on custom Clouds.

We chose this shift in focus to highlight the personalized service offered by Projet Cirrus Cloud experts—and the wide range of customizable options for your Cloud.

Projet Cirrus Custom Clouds also points to our tremendous growth in recent months, as our team has acquired additional IT tools to meet growing demand and galvanize our leadership in Cloud services. We’ve hired additional Cloud experts to keep up with the pace of development across the province and to continue to offer impeccable service to our clients. We’ve also created partnerships to expand data-hosting possibilities and to strengthen our infrastructures, making them more efficient and secure than ever before.

In short, Projet Cirrus offers you even more, and always in keeping with a pay-as-you-go model, so our clients pay only for the resources they need, so that our solutions enable you to maximize your Cloud investment.

With Projet Cirrus, regardless of business size or sector—startups, SMBs,
non-profit organizations or large companies—we’re always able to find or build the Cloud solution that best meets your needs.

Each business can design its Cloud services to match its specific situation. Private, public, hybrid or community Clouds, it’s all possible, flexible and scalable: If your business progresses and your needs change, your Cloud can change too. No unnecessary expenses or huge base fees for features you don’t need.

And if you’re new to hosting data in the Cloud, our support service enables you to make the Cloud transition without stress or complication. After analyzing your activities, needs and challenges, we direct you to the Cloud solution tailored to your reality.

Wherever you are now, Projet Cirrus helps you advance. That’s what custom Cloud means to us.

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